Cambodia Labour Confederation (CLC) is an independently local union organization and neutral entity with 102,699 members and 8 affiliated members. CLC’s vision is to see Cambodia democratic society to obey the human rights, freedoms of association, equal right between men and women, and core labor standards for all Cambodian workers through unite unions and associations in the labor sector in promoting democracy and workers interests with employers as well as government.

  1. Position: Accountant

Location : Phnom Penh

Salary & Benefit (based on qualification and experience)

Deadline     :  22 June, 2017

  1. Position: Legal Officer

Location : Phnom Penh

Salary & Benefit (based on qualification and experience)

Deadline     :  22 June, 2017

1. Position : Accountant

  1. Specific responsibilities

− Prepare Consolidation financial statements monthly, interim and annual reports;

− Prepare profit and loss statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement monthly and all closing accounting reports;

− Prepare periodic management accounts with details for management consideration

− Establish, maintain, and coordinate the implementation of accounting and accounting control procedures.

− Adjusting the accounting entry transaction at the end of the month

− Prepare expense, invoices, and accounting documents

− Cooperate with external and internal auditor

− Prepare summaries on fixed assets, staff, customers, repayments and etc

− Calculating depreciation and disposal fixed asset

− Recommend, develop and maintain financial data bases, computer software systems and manual filing systems.

  1. Requirements

− Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance and Banking, or related field.

− Others requirements

− Have at least 2 year experience in accounting with NGO is advance.

− Able to use accounting program, Microsoft Word and Excel, internet and email.

− Be fluent in English both speaking and writing

− Good attitude and behavior

− Flexible as needed through real situation

2. Position: Legal Officer

  1. Specific responsibilities

− Receive lawsuit from local unions ( facilitate and prepare lawsuit for the victims )

− Make list of all cases and then follow up each step of the cases processing

− Organize and allocate the cases to submit technician officer to solve

− Follow up the conflict solving steps at the office regularly

− Consult and recommend the law to local union or complainant

− Manage and provide information for President, Vice-President, and General Secretary on the processing of the conflict solving

− Facilitate the meeting and prepare the strategy to solve the conflicts being in charge of

− Prepare report on monthly conflict solving of activities on coordinating and manage the office of conflict solving

− Cooperate to produce the work plan and project request

− Prepare consolidated report at the end of each month and then submit department manager

− Prepare the case file being easier to understand all steps of solving with employers, job inspector, arbitrator, judiciary and other partners

− Interview the accuser and help organize lawsuit for the victim

− Support the processing of strike and demonstration

− Make the collective address related to the freedom of union and press conference

  1. Requirements

− Bachelor’s Degree in Law or related field

− Others requirements

− Have at least 2 year experience in law with NGO is advance.

− Be comprehensive in English both speaking and writing

− Good attitude and behavior

− Flexible as needed through real situation.

How to Apply:

Qualified candidates are invited to submit or send the cover letter, to Mr. Tes Sophanith, HR Coordinator to below Address: # 2,3G, St. 26BT, Tnotchrum Village, Sangkat BoeungTompun, Khan Meanchey, Phnom Penh, or by E-mail: , Tel: 099 256 709, 070 396 374 Website:

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